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Types Of Electrode Gels

Aqua-Wet Gel (A)

Aqua-Wet liquid gel, or simply Wet Gel, was designed for the fast, and precise pickup of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin preparation was performed prior to the electrodes application. Aqua-Wet (Wet Gel) electrodes are an ideal choice for short term monitoring procedures. The quick, dependable tracing and easy application and removal make our Aqua-Wet (Wet Gel) electrodes an ideal choice. 

Aqua-Set Gel (B)

Aqua-Set gel is a combination of our solid and wet gel electrodes designed for long term usage during procedures and stress testing. Aqua-Set gel electrodes offer lasting performance without a loss in tracing quality during extended use situations. Due to its unique solid/wet gel conductive formulation, these high-performance electrodes produce excellent electrical response with reduced skin impedance. These factors in turn reward you with excellent quality recordings and stable baselines as well as reducing motion artifacts. The unique design also makes these electrodes less prone to gel "dry out" and can be pressed in the center without the risk of gel displacement to the adhesive. 

Aqua-Tac Gel (C)

Aqua-Tac gel, or simply Solid Gel, is the next generation in hydrogel electrode technology. Aqua-Tac (Solid Gel) electrodes are fast becoming the choice for long and short term monitoring procedures, Aqua-Tac (Solid Gel) adhesive offers the best of both previous generations of electrodes with quick pick up in the absence of adequate skin prep and they provide consistently high quality recordings over long periods with minimal skin reactions. Aqua-Tac (Solid Gel) electrodes also offer the added benefit of 100% skin surface to electrode contact. 

Types Of Backing Materials

Foam Backing (D)

Our premium foam backing material is ideal for demanding application such as anesthesia, emergency care, and stress testing where electrode reliability and stability are put to the test. Foam backing materials protect the sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids without losing their conductivity along with permitting maximum flexibility.  

Microporous Tape Backing (E)

Microporous tape backings conform well to body contours on patients of all shapes and sizes comfortably. The microporous tape backing promotes skin breathability and allows for important transpiration to occur during long term applications.  

Cloth Mesh Backing (F)

Our soft cloth mesh backing offers many of the same benefits of the microporous tape backing plus added elasticity to conform to most regular body movements. Cloth mesh electrode backings provide long term comfort and durability required by active patients or those with sensitive skin.  

Clear Tape Backing (G)

Clear tape backing materials combine sensor area protection against fluids as well as adequate breathability though its perforations. Clear tape electrode backings permit constant skin observation during procedures or monitoring which is especially helpful in patients who have sensitive skin.  

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