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Our website utilizes the most up to date SSL security protocols for gathering and receiving data, registering customers, and keeping their account information safe and secure. SSL, or Secure Socket Layer protocol is what we use to create secure communication between our website and our server databases. This form of security is performed by both the server as well as the end user client authentication processes while negotiating encryption algorithms and cryptographic keys. What does this mean to you, the user? Our Comodo SSL security protocol and 256 bit encryption refers to the "green padlock" that appears in your browsers title bar when accessing pages on our website where sensitive data is acquired or shared between our servers and clients. This means that any data sent between our users and servers are "scrambled" and un-readable to any might be hackers trying to track a website and steal data. This is a necessity in the modern world where identity theft and cyber crime is on the rise. With that being said, if for whatever reason you do not see the "padlock" icon in your browser title bar please do not hesitate to call us to place an order or for help with any customer service requests. We make it our personal mission to make sure all of your data is 100% secured at all times. The badge you see below is our "Positive SSL Secured Website" certificate to reassure you, our loyal customers that your personal and sensitive information is in good hands.
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